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We are a team of experts with a worldwide network.

We are exactly what you need:
A smart partner who develops intelligent and effective ideas, with the goal of supporting you in your business.

Under the umbrella of 9d-Consulting, we combine all services along the entire economic value chain. We work directly for companies and consulting firms as well as with companies on a client-mandate basis. We write success stories.

We live from the trust our clients place in us. We endeavour to justify this trust in the long term and to always do more than is required of us.

We offer strategic management consulting.
We support both national and international clients, from analysis and strategy development, right up to implementation management.

We apply our leadership and knowledge, and use our strategic insights to provide solutions to our clients' individual challenges. A flexible approach is at the heart of different cultures.

We support and engage with you to create value through successful transformation.
Our way of working is the cornerstone of our joint success.

9 Decisions

With our 9 Decisions we drive your business forward.


Expansion opportunities

Competitive intelligence





Forward (towards the end product)
Backwards (towards the raw material)
Lateral (both)


Material-, technology-, sales- or personnel-oriented


Concentration on core competencies


Market penetration
Market development - creation of new markets or applications
Product development - new variants of products or services

Market choice strategy

Market field
Market placement

Targeted strategies

Consumer market
Retail business



The full service we offer
is tailored to your business needs.

We support you in the systematic development of existing and new business areas.
The main focus here is on identifying new market opportunities and then translating these into concrete business models and strategies.
In our business field expertises we support you to the full extent.

The totality of measures refers to the business activity of a company or a business field - oriented towards long-term, strategic goals.

Our applied methods include, among others, the analysis and evaluation of

  • of markets,
  • the business of customers and competitors, as well as
  • technical developments

Market Research

We start with you right from the beginning!

We examine and assess the market, the existing offer, the competition and the potential for your company and your ideas.

We provide valuable "insights" for effective decision-making.
Market research is a "people business".
Our ability to gather meaningful insights earns us the trust of clients and partners worldwide.

For us, market research is not the end, but the beginning of something big.
Market knowledge is crucial in making confident decisions in the areas of business development, marketing and sales.

9d-consulting listens to you!

Together with you, we define a clear market research objective, as well as the use of necessary research methods.

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly dynamic, it is essential for industry players to have access to fast actionable real-time market information.

This identified information helps in making decisions related to production, pricing, warehousing and procurement.

  • Industry outlook & critical success factors
  • Market segmentation & value chain analysis
  • Industry Dynamics
  • Key Opportunities
  • Application Outlook
  • Regional Outlook
    • Country level analysis
  • Competitor landscape
    • Analysis of company market shares
    • Key company profiles

Project Management

Providing direction, with a plan for success. That's what we do.

Project management is a suitable method for structuring a large number of entrepreneurial tasks with a project-like character and for carrying them out in a controllable manner, regarding timing and costs.

We have the right "toolbox" for you.

"It is not enough to have the knowledge, you also have to apply it.
It is not enough to want to do something, you must also actually do it."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We have the knowledge, we apply it, we want to do it, and we do actually do it. For you!

Start-ups Services

Your Benefits


Outstanding results, in addition to working in partnership with you is our motivation.

Once the decision has been made to actively turn an idea into reality, taking the next step with us is not far away.
We are happy to accompany you, from the planning phase, through implementation, right up to the ongoing design of your project.

For entrepreneurs, it is becoming an ever-greater challenge to successfully gain a foothold with new business ideas or to restructure and expand an existing business model.

We structure new business paths in 4 steps.

  • Objectively check market potential
  • Test the business idea
  • Define and source the required resources
  • Develop a project plan

We connect players and broker their business in an uncomplicated manner. We identify concrete business opportunities for you.

A network, established and built up over many years, is helpful and supports you in all activities in the business world.

  • ­Professional exchange
  • Business recommendations
  • Business expansions

The active daily expansion of our professional network will take you further.

  • We demonstrate how you can score with our contacts
  • We offer you all the knowledge you need for your business world
  • We connect players and broker their business in an uncomplicated manner
  • We identify concrete business opportunities for you
  • We are open and curious to get to know something new – for you -

The world is growing together.

The economy is becoming more global and work more heterogeneous, which is why the importance of "culture" for companies is also growing.
International business has entrepreneurial effects through different cultures.
Many business models offer market expansion here.

We have networks which are a fantastic basis for you to be successful.

Good ideas combined with contacts in this world.

In Asia, of course, but also in Europe and the Americas.

Where do you see your business? - How is your business being perceived?
How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What are YOUR strengths and qualities?
We would like you to position your company and your offer in the best possible way, so as to create a clear presence on the market.
Which customers should feel addressed? Are there possible placements that you have not considered possible to date or have not even thought of?
We are here for all these aspects and open questions!
We optimise your market position.

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